Kim Hobbs

The Symphony of Serenity

Saturday, January 29th at 7:00 p.m.

Sound Healing Meditation Journey
with Kennedy OneSelf

A profoundly potent symphonic orchestration of acoustic vibration that guides us to the stillness that exists beyond all thoughts. Deeply witnessing the resonating vibrations of Didgeridoos, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls & bells, Gongs, Flutes(Chinese, Indian, American, Harmony, Drone), Handpan, Asian Harp, Kalimba, the Unity Harp and more, stillness
descends upon the mind, and we bask in the glorious moment that is now.

About the presenter:

Kennedy OneSelf offers sound healing meditation journeys in churches, drug addiction clinics, mental illness programs, teen trauma programs, on tour around the country, at yoga studios, festivals, public events, resonant domes, retreats, ecstatic dance, etc. as well as hosting Didgeridoo Immersion Retreats, Sound Healing Apprenticeship Immersions, has crafted well over 200 didgeridoos, 12 Unity Harp (Monochords) and more.

Investment – $35

A Yin and Yoga Nidra Immersion

Saturday, February 19th


Investment: $49

Huelya will take you into an intimate exploration of your body through specifically selected Yin style poses followed by an extended Nidra session. Your awareness will expand with each pose reaching its peak in the Nidra part.

Yin Yoga is a calm, intense, and relaxing practice with long-held poses, usually 2-5 minutes, in as much stillness as your body allows. It consists mostly of passive stretches, and includes some active strengthening poses. The main goal for the physical body is to work the connective tissue – tendons, ligaments, and fascia – and ultimately have a therapeutic effect on the joints. Yin Yoga also works deeply the energetic body by using poses that work certain meridians – the energetic channels in the body.

Nidra is a very deep form of relaxation and awareness expansion, a real treat after the intense Yin yoga practice.

No previous Yoga experience needed, but having taken a Yin Yoga class is recommended.

Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony with Flavia Krsna & Gershone

Friday, December 10th


Investment: $45

Join us to experience the Bliss of Music+Cacao🙏🏾

Flavia Krishna & Gershone, a duo from the Atlanta/Athens Georgia area, share the healing power of sound vibrations through the ancient yogic practice of mantra and chanting sacred prayers. They are inspired to facilitate opening, expanding, healing, and empowering experiences that harmonize, inspire, and connect us to our True Essence. They have over 40 years of collective experience in the practice of Yoga and Mantra Chanting and have shared chanting (Kirtans) all over the country, and oversees in India and Brazil, in the past 5 years!

Flavia and Gershone combine the healing and sacred power of Cacao and Kirtan. The meaning of the main ingredient in Cacao is God-food. Theobromine increases the release of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Along with its stress and depression relieving effects, it is also detoxifying to the liver and kidneys. And who doesn’t Love a cup of hot High Quality Pure Chocolate?

You are in for a healing and heart opening experience at this event. 

To listen to their music:

Find Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher

CURRENT DATE CANCELLED. Please check back for new, rescheduled date.

Ever feel like your voice isn’t conveying the passion your body is feeling?  Does your breath escape your body when you need it most?  Your body is your instrument.  Your breath supplies the power to the instrument.  And your voice conveys the passions of your body.  Come learn about the body/breath/voice connection and how “Vocal Activation” can help your teaching and yoga practice.
We will explore moving the breath into the body and allowing the natural voice to flow out through experimentation with sound, vibration, and movement.  Then we will see how this understanding of “Vocal Activation” facilitates a freer and more grounded way of teaching and practicing your yoga.  Wear yoga attire or comfortable clothes.  Come to have fun, move and think outside the box. 

Available in studio and online. This workshop does not count towards contact CEUs.

Restorative Yoga Workshop

Saturday, August 21st, from 2:00-6:00pm

Investment: $65

Join Sonya Kuropatwa for an immersive experience into Restorative Yoga. She will outline the best practices, explain the purpose, and provide helpful tips for guiding and receiving a Restorative yoga class. Sonya has spent many years studying and teaching Restorative Yoga. Her knowledge stretches far and wide, and her flair for creativity only expands her ability to share this knowledge in a workshop and in class.

If you are interested in joining us, click the button below to register online today.

This workshop will be available in studio and online. Open to all who are interested and Yoga Teachers can get 4 CE hours upon completion!