Find Your Voice as a Yoga Teacher

CURRENT DATE CANCELLED. Please check back for new, rescheduled date.

Ever feel like your voice isn’t conveying the passion your body is feeling?  Does your breath escape your body when you need it most?  Your body is your instrument.  Your breath supplies the power to the instrument.  And your voice conveys the passions of your body.  Come learn about the body/breath/voice connection and how “Vocal Activation” can help your teaching and yoga practice.
We will explore moving the breath into the body and allowing the natural voice to flow out through experimentation with sound, vibration, and movement.  Then we will see how this understanding of “Vocal Activation” facilitates a freer and more grounded way of teaching and practicing your yoga.  Wear yoga attire or comfortable clothes.  Come to have fun, move and think outside the box. 

Available in studio and online. This workshop does not count towards contact CEUs.