What are you looking for? People start Yoga for a lot of different reasons: flexibility, strength, more energy and stress release are some of the more common goals. Whatever inspires you to start, with practice you are sure to experience something more.

If You Are New

We want you to know that it’s not about how far you can go in a yoga pose. Come to what feels like just the right amount of stretch in that moment and be happy with where you are. Enjoy the breath. Once your body trusts that you’re not going to pull a fast one, the transformation begins.

What to expect at Peachtree Yoga

We use body and breath to go past the surface mental chatter and take awareness within. You might have come here to get stronger, more flexible, or improve your golf game. But don’t be surprised if you start sleeping better at night, thinking more clearly at work and feeling happier within.


“It feels good here.”

We hear that a lot. We do everything we can at Peachtree to create a welcome environment, from the gurgling fountains to the lush inside garden. We love yoga and love to share it, so you will be greeted with a smile, from the front desk to the teachers to the students. Welcome to your Yoga family.