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Corporate Yoga

What’s the buzz behind offering yoga classes to your employees?  Why have such major companies the likes of Nike, Sony, AT&T, GM, Apple, NASA, Chase Manhattan and Delta (just to name a few) invested in yoga programs/classes?  There’s something to be said for this yoga movement in the workplace.  Yoga targets far more than just pretzel-like configurations – yoga targets mind/body harmony, balance and a state of reduced stress.  Stress is inevitable in the corporate world… We don’t aim to ignore but rather embrace the lifestyle of hard working companies that simply want to see the best results possible from their employees.

Americans work harder, are more productive and miss fewer days of work as a result of wellness benefit programs, according to the quarterly survey of American workers at growing businesses with 10 to 1,000 employees. Forty-one percent of workers agreed that having a wellness program encourages them to work harder and perform better at work.” (The Society for Human Resource Management)

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That’s all fine and good we say, but how does it affect our business? I don’t have to tell you that increased productivity, fewer sick days, increased focus, clarity, teamwork and leadership skills are all attributes an employer would love to emphasize. But don’t just take my word for it:

“Companies with Corporate Health Promotion Programs have realized a 28% reduction in sick leave, a 26% reduction in adjunctive healthcare costs and a 30% reduction in disability and workers compensation costs. ” Health Affairs, Volume 21, No.2, March, 2002

The following Huffington Post article terms yoga & meditation programs in the work place as the ultimate “…Capitalism with a soul” :

 As a former International Partnership Manager for a Fortune 500 company, I can attest not only to the power of my own regular yoga practice, but also to the transformations I have witnessed from weekly classes on-site, to private bookings during corporate health fairs. The camaraderie around “yoga time” makes the project manager in me do a little dance. The big statistics are there, but for many employees the best possible praise I’ve witnessed is watching them leave and arrive at work with a big smile on their face. Yoga just makes one feel darn good.

-Katie Roll, RYT-200