Single Classes

Single Class “Drop-In” – $20

Private Yoga Session – $95 (60 minutes)

Private Yoga Session – $130 (90 minutes)


Our prices decrease with the purchase of multiple-class packages. We take good care of our regular clients.

***  Special Offer 30 Days for $59 for new time students only ***

Unlimited Classes Charter Membership – $119 / month auto-renewal*

Online Streamed Classes Membership – $69/month auto-renewal

Online Classes Library Membership – $29/month auto-renewal

Online Streamed Classes Membership + Online Classes Library – $89

In-studio, Streamed + Online Library Membership – $129

5-Class Pack $95

10-Class Pack $175 (10-week expiration)

20-Class Pack $300 (4-month expiration)

2 Week Challenge (Unlimited Classes) $80

1 Month Unlimited $150

6 Month Unlimited $750

Mat Rental $3 (includes mat cleansing wipe)

Peachtree Yoga Center Sandy Spring

 *You may cancel auto-renewal membership at any time via email, effective at the end of the next billing cycle.

Class cards are nontransferable.

If you have an expired 5, 10 or 20-class card, you may add any unused classes from your expired card to a newly purchased 5, 10- or 20-class card.

 Going out of town?

You might consider a “Class Card Freeze.”

You are welcome to freeze or deactivate your Peachtree Yoga class card. Freezes require a two-week notice (unless negotiated at the time of purchase). If you go on vacation, travel for business, or experience illness or an injury this is an option, but class cards may only be frozen once. Three months is the maximum time for a class card to be frozen or deactivated.

When a class card is “frozen,” it is similar to stopping a clock. No time is added to the card; it is simply deactivated. When you come back into the studio to activate or un-freeze your card, the clock starts again.  For example, if you have five classes remaining and two months left on your card when you freeze it, you will still have five classes remaining and two months left on your card when you reactivate it.

Please email your freeze request to