200 Hour YTT

You are invited to deepen your practice of Yoga…

…And pass it on!

Our 56th 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Certification Course combines the best of past courses we’ve delivered. We’ll go beyond the surface and dive deeply into practices that nourish our personal experience of yoga and awaken the inner teacher, both for ourselves and our students.



  • Build a well-rounded foundation of knowledge and experience of asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy.
  • Explore the deeper meaning of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra on the level of personal experience
  • Give and receive loving support in a circle of sincere people who are committed to personal growth.
  • Learn how to work as a yoga teacher in different settings.
  • Discover creative class sequencing methods based on who comes to your class
  • Gain the experience needed to teach confidently.
  • Establish a coherent and progressive personal practice.

***Limited space. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.***

Key Elements of TTC


This 200-hour certification program qualifies students to become Registered Yoga Teachers with the national Yoga Alliance. Our program was the first in the southeastern U.S. to meet the necessary standards of approval established by the National Yoga Alliance. We are proud to be a part of this development that safeguards the future of Yoga in America.


In addition to a small Faculty-Student ratio, each student is assigned a Mentor (Certified Yoga Teacher) who will take a personal interest in supporting your success and fulfillment during this course, and help facilitate the teaching, as well.


We will study human anatomy to gain a deeper understanding of the practice of yoga asana and pranayama. Visual and hands-on techniques will allow you to discover the amazing functions of the body you live in every day. Paired with focus on postural alignment, a basic knowledge of human anatomy will deepen your physical practice and add clarity to your teaching, as well as making modifications to cater to existing injuries you may encounter.


In posture focus, we demonstrate a particular yoga pose, including alignment guidelines, verbal guidance, modifications, hands-on assists, benefits and contraindications, and then, to stabilize our learning, we practice teaching what we just learned. “Learn by doing” is a common theme you will experience throughout the course.

Peachtree Yoga Center Sandy Spring


The chakras, vital junction points between body and consciousness, will be explored as well as the major nadis, or subtle channels, on the level of theory and experience. You will understand the role of each chakra, its effect on life, and its relation to other chakras, and the use of the chakras as doorways to integration of life. With this understanding we will identify specific asanas, pranayama (breathing techniques), and bandhas (energy locks), as well as partner work, and guided imagery for awakening, strengthening, and harmonizing the flow of shakti (energy, or life force) and awareness in and through the chakras.You will also be introduced to a one-on-one modality that combines knowledge of asana, pranayama, and the chakras with the gift of being deeply present in a way that supports your client in gaining inner and outer fulfillment.


The sheer amount of information on Yoga Philosophy is enormous. We can’t teach it all in this course. But we can provide the knowledge that can facilitate the natural unfolding of your being. There is a verse from the Mundaka Upanishad that reads, “Know That, by knowing which, all things are known.” About 2,000 years ago, the sage Patanjali wrote in the Yoga Sutra that when the mind settles into stillness, we learn our true nature, which is unbounded. We will dive into that unboundedness. And we will explore principles that support a powerful and transformative practice.


All nine weekends will be held at Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta. Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Peachtree Yoga Center is located in North Atlanta in Sandy Springs, 1/2 mile north of I-285, one block west of Roswell Road. There are several hotels and restaurants within a few blocks of the center if you are traveling from out of town. Training activities will be in full groups, mentor groups, and practicum dyads and triads.

COURSE DATES for the Fall 2024 (August  – December):

August 17 – 18

August 31 – Sept. 1

September 14 – 15

September 28 – 29

October 12 – 13

October 26 – 27

November 9 – 10

November 23 – 24

December 7 – 8 (graduation on the 8th)

You will also be attending a minimum of ten yoga classes over the four and a half months of the course. You may take up to 15 at no charge. Those living in the Greater Atlanta area will attend Peachtree Yoga Center for classes at your convenience. Those living 40 miles out of town can attend the required classes at other approved locations or online.


Registration is a two-step process to assure you and Peachtree Yoga Center/Atlanta Yoga Fellowship that the Training is appropriate for you. You do not need to be an advanced yoga student to take the training. We are more interested in motivation, commitment and vision. Step One is to respond in writing to the application questions, which are below. Step Two consists of a brief personal interview to be scheduled once your application has been received.


Practicum – hands-on learning by doing, throughout the course.

Binder – manual of postures, alignment guidance, benefits, contraindications, and more.

Contact Hours – 200 hours of high-energy learning, fellowship and fun. The Course leader and Mentors will provide a very high teacher to student ratio.

Leadership Development – safe place to grow.

Reproducible Handouts – pages you can use in your teaching and presentation.

Dyads & Triads – for personal sharing and teamwork.

Transformation – your personal growth.


Ilona Moore, E-RYT500 (Course Leader), received her 200 and 300 Hour certifications from Peachtree Yoga. Since then she has taken multiple workshops, courses and a Yoga Medicine Teacher Training to broaden the knowledge and experience of yoga with the sole purpose of sharing it with you. She has been first mentoring and then co-leading YTTs with Graham for several years. This will be her 18th YTT.

Graham Fowler, E-RYT500 (Course Co-Leader), founder of Peachtree Yoga Center, brings a rare opportunity to explore the deep, subtle, and life-altering potential that Yoga practices offer. His teaching arises from the depth and breadth of 46 years of study and practice of the yogic arts. His exploration of yoga began with meditation in 1973 and continued under the guidance of many Indian and Western hatha, tantra, and meditation masters. During that time, he has personally validated over 800 yoga teachers. Graham loves to help people discover the wonders of their deepest selves through the mirror of asana, meditation, and conscious community.


“Writing this halfway through Teacher Training, the teaching practice is fantastic — I am rapidly gaining the skills and confidence needed to lead a class. More importantly, I am gaining a deeper understanding of the power yoga has in setting a direction for my life. All happening within a tightly knit group of yogis who are open and ready to share the journey together.” – John McVay

“This training has changed me at the core. I have found ‘home’ … it was within me the whole time.” – Tanya Tate

“Through teacher training and the support of all my mentors, I have grown and transformed, I have acquired a deeper understanding of my own being and nature. Releasing old patterns that no longer serve me, a healthier me has arisen! I’m ready to share with the world, a new me! Through teacher training I have discovered not only that I can be magical but that I am truly magical.” – Olga Pradas

“It was fun, extremely fun! I fell in love with yoga all over again and feel that love in boundless and spreading to everyone I meet. Most of all, I am in love with who I am as a teacher.” – Bruce King

“Thank you for everything. My life is forever changed.” – Carla Flack

“Peachtree Yoga Teacher Training: Besides creating my family, the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.” – Leili Besharat

“Peachtree Yoga Teacher Training has gone beyond my greatest expectations. I feel strengthened in my own practice as well as being prepared to share yoga with others. I’ve changed from the inside out.” – Jo Adamson


One could not begin to describe what a gift it is to be able to share Yoga with others. The next step: answer nine application questions so that we can get to know you, your intentions, and your goals. Submit your answers and we’ll contact you to set up a brief, personal interview.

This course is a very powerful transformational journey.  It is intimate work that will bond you deeply with other participants on your course. Group size will be limited.  The students and leaders will become your extended family during the course and possibly well beyond.


Program Tuition – $2,950, if paid in full prior to the course start date.

Payment plan option – $3,050 spread over the duration of the course.
$350 non-refundable deposit required before the start of the course.

*EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – $2,750 – if paid in full prior to June 1, 2024.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are acceptable for payment, as well as personal checks and cash.

To support you in preparation for this experience, and to help us get to know you better, please respond to the following questions. Once we receive and review your answers to these questions, we will schedule a personal interview with you to further discuss the Teacher Training process:

    Fill Out Application Below

    Who are you?


    (a) Why yoga teacher training?

    (b) What is the essence of what you want to teach as a Yoga teacher?

    (c) What is the essence of what you want to learn, experience, accomplish, or let go of during this course?


    (a) Why is this the right time in your life to take yoga teacher training?

    (b) What phase of your life is coming to an end now?

    (c) What new phase of your life is getting ready to be born?


    How can we support you as you grow into your fullness as a yoga teacher?

    Please describe in detail any injuries or physical, mental or emotional limitations that may affect your participation.

    Please list any prescription medications you are taking or have taken in the past year, and what the medication(s) is/are for.

    What special gifts, talents, or attributes do you feel you bring to this course and to your goals?

    How did you hear about us?

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