Class Descriptions


For healthy beginners and experienced students. A safe and supportive environment to establish or deepen your grasp of the yoga principles that apply to all of our other classes.


Learn and practice a beautiful meditation technique and multiple breathing techniques.


For students who want to take their practice to the next level from the Basics class. Includes moderately advanced poses to balance strength and freedom in body, mind and spirit. Grace, fluidity and joy grow from the inside out.


For healthy beginners with optional modifications for more advanced students, this class blends flowing sun salutations with some held postures.


Appropriate for all students. Using slowly flowing movements and deep breathwork, the postures and the internal feelings beneath them yield insight into physical and emotional constrictions, and open the possibility for release.  If you’ve never done yoga before or if have any health concerns, this is a great class to begin with.

**New Class** TAI CHI & QI GONG

Tai Chi is an Internal Martial Art performed in a slow motion that integrates Body, Mind and Spirit.It is known worldwide as Meditation in movement and is recognized as one of the most complete and effective practice for maintaining a healthy body, emotional balance, focus mind and High Spirit.

The Art of cultivating energy to preserve Health, Vitality and Spiritual Awareness. In Chi Kung, mental concentration, breathing techniques, physical and energy movement, and internal practices interact, integrating mind, body, emotions, and spirit.


Appropriate for all students. A blend of Basics and Gentle; a great way to relax deeply and completely in gently held posture with the use of props.


A gentle class focusing on aiding the adjustment of the body as the baby grows, as well as techniques to ease the strenuous process of labor. Includes yoga postures and breath work for each trimester.


All levels morning flow. Vigorous sun salutations, asana, and pranayama to vitalize body and mind. Begin the day with this beautiful and ancient practice.


Using passive stretches, Yin yoga goes into the connective tissues to initiate change at deep levels. Mostly done on the floor, the postures release blocks and open up the energy channels to greater flow.
It’s gentle and suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced. Slowness induces deeper awareness, a great way to reconnect with your spirit within.
Do you want to increase or maintain your flexibility? Lubricate your joints? Do you want to challenge yourself to go deeper physically and emotionally? Are you ready to explore what lies beneath? Are you ready to go outside your comfort zone? Do you want to balance your already strong yang practice? Then Yin is for you.


Learn the basics from the ground up. Wear comfortable clothing that allows a full range of body movements. Avoid eating two hours prior to class. Feel free to ask the instructor questions. For an overview of yoga before taking a class, attend our free introductory discussion on Mondays at 5:30pm or talk with an instructor. Yoga is non-competitive. Relax and have fun!


Appropriate for all levels. Allow your body to be fully supported by props to enable relaxation and restoration of body and mind.


Work alignment principles woven with thematic inspiration to deepen physical and mental awareness, building postures sequentially from simple to complex.


Sync your body movement to the breath as you flow from one pose to the next.


Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that utilizes breath, movement, rhythmic sound, and meditation to relax and restore the mind and body while improving strength, flexibility and endurance.

This powerfully effective form of yoga stimulates the immune, nervous, and glandular systems, helping to bring you back into true harmony. It is a sacred and scientific technology that enables you to access and realize your own creative energy to unlock you potential and elevate your consciousness. Kundalini Yoga teaches you to experience great techniques for self-development and generate profound and lasting advancement.

Kundalini Yoga classes begin with the Adi Mantra and conclude with the song “Long Time Sun” as a positive affirmation bringing blessings to all. In between we practice pranayama (breath work), warm ups, a chosen Kriya (set of poses for a specific purpose) and end with Savasana and a meditation appropriate for the Kriya.