Peachtree Yoga Center


Sonya Peedin Kuropatwa’s gentle guidance and loving touch extends from her fascination with the body as an instrument of spiritual and creative expression. Sonya came to yoga after more than 20 years as a classically trained dancer, teacher, and choreographer as a means to further understand the mysteries of the mind-body connection. She has witnessed and guided her students through the wonders of movement, self-awareness, and connection to the Universal. Her belief in the magic of touch as a means of healing and as a conduit for energy informs her teaching style, which relies strongly on imagery, humor, and hands-on interaction. She has completed both the 200-hour and 500-hour teacher training and certification courses through Peachtree Yoga Center under the nurturing guidance of Graham Fowler and Elizabeth Nix, beautifully enriched by study with Sean Tebor, David Kyle, Deborah Quibell, Dr. Michel Angot, and Bhagwan Awatramani. She sends blessings to the teachers, students, and community of artists who’ve so generously shared the knowledge and wisdom that informs her teaching and personal practice.

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