Peachtree Yoga Center


My style/approach to yoga is the same way I approach life…  experiencing the present moment through body, breath and sensation.  Bringing awareness back again and again to the essence & energy of pure potentiality that we each are.

I am trained in the tradition of Hatha yoga and use vinyasa, held poses, pranayama, meditation and energy principles throughout.  Be aware that my classes sometimes take a non-traditional turn through laughter, tapping, shaking, noise and other techniques I've picked up along the way.  

My life experience and the people who show up in class both guide my teaching.  Though I am at the front of the room, really the guide is within each one of us.  That to me is one of the biggest gifts of yoga… tapping into your own inner voice and intuition… one breath, one asana, one experience at a time.  Everything we do on the mat prepares us, fine tunes us for our daily life.  And I believe when we are connected to our inner source, our gifts easily come forth.  We learn to live life truly in the flow of our highest potential.    

Training: Peachtree Yoga Center
Certifications: E200 RYT, E500 RYT

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