Peachtree Yoga Center

Tea Tasting

Friday, March 1, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. It will be held prior to the Healing Circles

3 hot teas and 2 cold brews will be offered:

Hot teas:

Nepal Shangri-La Gold (organic) This black tea offers an enchantment of flavors from the Nepal mountains.

It is grown in Ilam, Nepal at about 1800m (5900ft) elevation at the bottom of Mt. Kanchanjunga, the third highest peak of the world and in close proximity to Darjeeling. The Himalayan terroir and harsh climates result in slow leaf growth and help create complex aromas and notes of tropical fruits. This tea contains a profusion of golden tips and offers a bouquet of caramel, malt, muscatel, honey and peach notes in a medium body.

Winter Rooibos Chai An orange spicy rooibos chai with bright basil and lemongrass, it offers a bright and delightful dimension to a well-known classic.

This South African bush from Cederberg has long been known for its benefits and fine taste. Ruby colored, sweet and aromatic, Rooibos is naturally free of caffeine and can be consumed all day.

Monastery Garden Tisane A relaxing body and mind tisane with the benefits of a well-tended medicinal garden, omnipresent in monasteries, teeming with aromatic and medicinal salves. This floral tea includes varieties chosen for centuries in these gardens and is very soothing (apple, lavender, rose petals, peppermint) and is naturally caffeine-free.

There will be displayed samples of Golden Turmeric Chai, a spicy turmeric Chai black tea crafted following the Ayurvedic tradition with the earthy spiciness of turmeric that adds an invigorating kick to this especially complex chai blend.

Cold Brew (a tea steeped overnight in cold water and excellent for the summer months!)

Morrocan Mint As invigorating as it is refreshing, this crisp mint tea is rounded out with the clean and bold aroma of Chinese Gunpowder green tea

Tropical Orchard White (organic) The classic pairing of silky white peony tea with sweet, earthy pear gains a juicier dimension with the subtle addition of mango.

Bio of the Tea Host – Clair Schlumberger

Clair is a native of France and Atlanta has been her adopted home of 2 decades. She is a longtime friend and graduate of 200 and 300 teacher training at PYC. She has always loved tea and became a Tea Sommelier. The education and related travels made her love the human connections that tea creates around the world and inspired her to open Clair Thé ( to share her passion for tea.

For Clair, tea represents purity and harmony. It helps her be mindful and take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature and life. Each cup of tea nourishes her because it contains the five elements of nature.

In the name of clarity, she only offers teas with natural ingredients, many of which originate from organic and natural cultivation and are single-estate. Ethical standards and the desire to foster strong communities are important to her.

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