Peachtree Yoga Center

Sunday, March 11th, Restorative Yoga with Elizabeth (Nix) Smith

Our society tends to overemphasize activity and busyness, creating physical and mental stress. The effects of stress have reached epidemic proportions in this country. Chronic stress can result in an imbalance within our nervous system, which can lead to a host of physical illnesses, both major and minor. Even our yoga practice can often perpetuate an imbalance as we focus always on the doing rather than simply being.

Taking the time each day to relax and renew is essential to living well. Restorative yoga is a useful way of healing one’s body, mind and soul, and of achieving the ultimate aim of yoga – wholeness. Supported by various props and guided through deep breathing and meditative awareness, one experiences the yoga postures as profoundly relaxing and deeply rejuvenating. Or as stated in classical yoga philosophy, a practice that is at once steady and comfortable – the practice of being.

As we emerge from the heaviness of winter into the lightness of spring, please join Elizabeth Nix for this supportive, nurturing afternoon.


Peachtree Yoga Center

Sunday, March 11th


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