Peachtree Yoga Center

Saturday, March 10th, Reaching for the Sky – Inversion Workshop with Todd Delaune

The secrets to a safe and stable inversion practice lie in engaging the core, lengthening the spine, and stacking the bones.

Develop confidence, strength, and grace in this workshop.

Experience a specially designed asana practice building in poses such as handstand, headstand, forearm stand – with ease and simplicity.

As a teacher, learn to safely incorporate inversions into your classes.

Conquer fear as you find faith in your ability to balance upside-down while reaching for the sky!

Todd Delaune Duncan is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher as well as a Professional Hand Balancer/Acrobat. This rare mix of occupations gives him a unique blend of body awareness, skill, experience, and wisdom from which to share with you.

Peachtree Yoga Center

Saturday, March 10th
1:30 – 5pm

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