Moon Goddess Workshop – CANCELLED

October 27th, Sunday 10 – 4:30

In this 1-day Moon Goddess workshop, you will: 

Understand how the moon and your menstrual cycle influence your moods, energy and emotions.

Learn how to chart your cycle with the moon.

Follow a simple and gentle practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation that will harmonize your hormones, heal your heart and womb, and reconnect you with the Divine Feminine.

Your glow will be both mysterious and undeniable.

Celebrate your cyclical nature and explore your goddess energies through yoga, meditation, and moon charting with an inspiring practice you can continue at home. Every woman experiences the goddess energies of the doer, the nurturer, the enchantress and the visionary in different ways. Understanding and embracing each brings peace and meaningful self-connection. Harnessing these powerful energies will also have practical benefits in all areas of your life: health, love, relationships, work & sex.

About the presenter – A native of Toronto, Canada, Zahra Haji is the director and founder of Yoga Goddess and creator of the Moon Goddess meditation and yoga program for female fertility – now practiced by women in over 25 countries! Her training includes certifications in kundalini yoga, psychotherapy, pilates, womb blessings, theta healing and reiki.

Inspired by her many teachings, Zahra created Yoga Goddess to help women connect with their bodies—spiritually, emotionally, and physically—so they can heal their period problems, preserve their fertility for the future, or create a fertile environment for conception now. Zahra has been featured in Miranda Gray’s book Optimized Woman, and is a certified Moon Mother.

You can discover more about your own feminine essence and your fertility at

There are 3 options to participate:

Option 1 – 10am to Noon : Morning Moon Goddess yoga & meditation master class. Investment – $65

Option 2 – 1pm – 4:30pm : Afternoon Menstrual-Moon cycle charting workshop. Investment – $100

Option 3 – Sign up for the full intensive and continue charting your cycle at home with Zahra’s Moon Charting Mastery Program (Bonus Value $77). Investment – $145