Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony with Flavia Krsna & Gershone

Friday, December 10th


Investment: $45

Join us to experience the Bliss of Music+Cacao🙏🏾

Flavia Krishna & Gershone, a duo from the Atlanta/Athens Georgia area, share the healing power of sound vibrations through the ancient yogic practice of mantra and chanting sacred prayers. They are inspired to facilitate opening, expanding, healing, and empowering experiences that harmonize, inspire, and connect us to our True Essence. They have over 40 years of collective experience in the practice of Yoga and Mantra Chanting and have shared chanting (Kirtans) all over the country, and oversees in India and Brazil, in the past 5 years!

Flavia and Gershone combine the healing and sacred power of Cacao and Kirtan. The meaning of the main ingredient in Cacao is God-food. Theobromine increases the release of dopamine, the pleasure hormone. Along with its stress and depression relieving effects, it is also detoxifying to the liver and kidneys. And who doesn’t Love a cup of hot High Quality Pure Chocolate?

You are in for a healing and heart opening experience at this event. 

To listen to their music: