Fall Cleanse with Natalie Biniasz

-Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your body’s signals?

-Are you ready to lay down the old stories, old ways of being and truly step into your fullest potential?

-Can you imagine feeling strong and capable physically, mentally & emotionally?

-What would it be like if you could tap into an infinite supply of energy?


Life demands that we must evolve and change must faster than we ever thought possible.  We are in the middle of a huge paradigm shift, challenging us to step forward into uncharted territory.  Living in this world today, we are exposed to many toxins through the media we consume, the experiences we move through, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use.


These toxins get stored in our physical bodies, causing disruptions for years, such as repeating unhealthy behaviors & patterns, rigid belief systems, fear based responses & actions, health issues, lack of mental clarity, chronic symptoms, digestive issues & more.


Cleansing supports us in establishing a strong foundation so that we can ease-fully step forward into this new world.


Benefits of this cleanse:

  • greater intuition
  • emotional stability
  • increased energy
  • improved mental clarity & better sleep
  • connection with a strength in ourselves that wasn’t there before


Never done a cleanse before? No problem.  THIS IS A FOOD BASED CLEANSE and there are 3 different meal options to suit where you are currently… newbie, intermediate or advanced.


Each option is comprised of a certain number of days pre & post cleanse (a diet free of sugar, caffeine, dairy, meat and gluten) and a certain number of days of the main cleanse (a mono-diet of kitchari – rice and mung beans).

Registration Closed For this Event.

Questions, contact natalie@peachtreeyoga.com