Yoga 101 is Back & Better Than Ever!

yoga class sandy springs women doing downward-facing dog

Do you know someone who has always wanted to try yoga but has been afraid or hesitant, telling you he or she is not flexible, not familiar with the terminology, etc.?

Fear no more! Yoga 101 is here to help!

yoga class sandy springs women doing downward-facing dog

Yoga 101 is not just a class for beginners. Yoga 101 is an excellent class to take if:

  • you have never been to a yoga class in your life
  • you have let some time pass since your last class
  • you want to learn the basic principles of alignment and “feel” the poses
  • you want to learn some of the yoga terminology used in almost any class
  • you want to question and understand HOW the poses work

Join 500-hr RYT Ilona Moore on Thursdays at 6:30pm for these hour-long yoga classes that can transform your practice. The classes are not the same. They rotate through a cycle including:

  • standing poses
  • forward folds
  • backbends
  • flow (vinyasa)

You can start any week and rotate through the whole cycle. Step onto the mat and let’s take the journey together!

Register for Yoga 101 today!


Ilona loves to help people find joy and confidence in their practice and facilitate a breakthrough in a safe environment.