Mantra Music: An Evening of Kirtan

Friday, September 30th, 2022


Investment: 25

Join us for a celebration of community and spirit through plant medicine and music. We’ll resonate and elevate – embodying our truth and bliss – through ancient mantras and modern heart songs infused with deep grooves and soaring melodies led by Gershone and Gina. Come chant, sing, and dance together

When two who have devoted their lives to their art join forces, the creative chemistry is contagious. Gina Minyard and Gershone Hendelberg have more than four decades of practice, teaching, and experience between them in yogic arts and bhakti bliss. Together, they commit their body, mind, heart, breath, and voice in service to the Most High and the majesty of its manifest expressions. In their offerings of yoga, music, meditation, kirtan, and satsang, they invite others into the grounding, elevating, and ever-expanding process of tuning their own divine instruments, and to come together in transformational alchemy, joyful communion, sacred embodiment, and ecstatic celebration. Join them for classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats nationally and worldwide.