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Rekindle Your Intimacy

The hustle and bustle of daily life can overshadow one of life’s most important blessings – the relationship with our partners. Designed and led by our own, Lauren Filbeck, this two-hour event will guide you through a series of gentle partner yoga exercises and assisted stretching to awaken and refresh your souls through touch and […]

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Introducing New Classes at PYC!

UPDATE: Spiritual Warrior will return to the schedule at a later date. Please join us for the new Yoga 101 class! Yoga 101 is back on the schedule at PYC! We sat down with founder Graham Fowler for the inside scoop on what’s happening. PYC: What is Yoga 101, and what prompted you to add it to […]

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Graham’s Blog: Wholeheartedness

Did you ever read a line in a poem or hear one in a song that just reached out and grabbed you? There’s a line like that in a poem by one of my favorites, David Whyte, “There is only one life you can call your own and a thousand others you can call by […]

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