Peachtree Yoga Center


Sound Journey with Michael Burke

August 26th 6:00 – 7:30p.m Peachtree Yoga Center is excited to welcome Michael Burke, a sacred sound artist, poet, and a vibrational therapist to take us on a sound journey. This is how Michael himself describes the sound journey: “Shall we bathe in the unlimited grace of this incredible universe… touch God through our cells […]

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Sunday, March 11th, Restorative Yoga with Elizabeth (Nix) Smith

Our society tends to overemphasize activity and busyness, creating physical and mental stress. The effects of stress have reached epidemic proportions in this country. Chronic stress can result in an imbalance within our nervous system, which can lead to a host of physical illnesses, both major and minor. Even our yoga practice can often perpetuate […]

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Saturday, March 10th, Reaching for the Sky – Inversion Workshop with Todd Delaune

The secrets to a safe and stable inversion practice lie in engaging the core, lengthening the spine, and stacking the bones. Develop confidence, strength, and grace in this workshop. Experience a specially designed asana practice building in poses such as handstand, headstand, forearm stand – with ease and simplicity. As a teacher, learn to safely […]

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Yin Yoga, Sound Healing, & Intention Setting, Jan. 13th 1:30-4:30pm

Please join us for a very special event … Yin Yoga Led by Christina Law & Sound Healing with Samantha Stokes and Intention Setting Christina will guide you through Yin Yoga postures designed to relieve tension in the connective tissue, as she chants and plays the guitar to relax you on a deeper level of your […]

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TOGETHER: A Co-creation of Vibrating Silence, Sat. Jan. 6th 11am – 12:30pm

FEATURING G.S. Rajan- composer and master of the bansuri bamboo flute Anjaneya Shastri, senior disciple of Ustaf Zakir, tabla player & Yoga with Graham Fowler, E-RYT 500 “There is SOUL in Rajan’s music!” -Ravi Shankar, music guru to the Beatles and Philip Glass “The notes from Rajan’s flute are his fervent prayer.  Add the life-affirming […]

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New Year’s Retreat, Dec. 29 – Jan. 1

    Not Your Usual Yoga Retreat New Year’s is a wonderful time to count your blessings and set a conscious trajectory for the year to come. In this retreat we will open our hearts and minds through deep practices of yoga, meditation, and soulful community. It is a joyful time, perfect for those who […]

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